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My art is a reflection of my love of the Coastal Low country between Tybee Island, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina: the coast, or laid back way of life, our waters and marshes, our wildlife, and our people. My love of the people and watching these people has resulted in my latest endeavors, recording them as they go about their daily routines, some natural and some comedic (after all, don't we all have some comedy in us?). This, in haps of catching small glimpses of what makes our life on Tybee Island 
unique. I invite you to enjoy my art and our beautiful and unique but rapidly changing way of life.


Blue Skies

12" x 24"  Oil on Canvas

image1 (4).jpeg

Tybee Palms

40" x 30"  Oil on Canvas

image2 (1).jpeg

Ancient Oak

10” x 19.75”  Oil on Canvas, Framed

image3 (1).jpeg

Reynold's Square

11” x 14”  Oil on Canvas, Framed

image0 (6).jpeg

The Fountain in Lafayette Square

9" x 12"  Oil on Canvas

image0 (5).jpeg

Rosie Morn

6" x 12"  Oil on Linen Panel, Framed


The Olde Pink House Thru The Trees

12” x 16”  Oil on Canvas, Framed

Sisters, Bev Waite.jpg


11” x 14”  Oil on Canvas, Framed

Ghostly Marker.jpeg

Ghostly Marker

8” x 10”  Oil on Canvas, Framed