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Our Main Gallery Artists

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Oil and Acrylic

Using acrylic and oil paints I create art that surfaces from inner subconscious imagery. Without analyzation, I work through a painting consciously rendering the image, adjusting pallet, tone and composition. The effort of creating this way creates a pathway to the subconscious subject, and the mystery of the emotion within. The paintings portray a subtle balance between the reality of subconscious and the fictionality of the conscious mind. My current works are focusing on exploring new surfaces and use of mediums, to help capture the spontaneousness of the world of inner emotion.

In 2012 my family and I moved to Savannah, GA. Here I have had the time and space to devote to painting and also expanding to create with reclaimed wood. In addition to painting, my wife and I opened our popular Etsy shop where we sell our woodcraft and handmade fiber art products.



Acrylic & Mixed Media

My work is an exploration in art as a means to resist the status quo of traditional techniques and materials. Only through experimentation, imaginative reasoning and captive observation can new styles and techniques be created. My process crosses the barriers between the physical, mental and spiritual realms with the intention of synthesis. This is accomplished by the meditation of objects and images which are ingested through the imaginative and captive observation techniques. Working this way keeps me on constant alert of everything that I see as it can be potentially part of the assimilation in my art process.
Mixed media, painting and sculpture is a fitting combination to convey topics and narratives that my works cover. The sculpture aspects adds a raised and recessed texture that breaks the bonds of two dimensional limits combined with the application of paint that fills the crevices in various thicknesses and color, which gives the work character and distinctive atmosphere. Working this way excites and challenges me to constantly move forward, creating new work in the myriad chambers of the physical, mental and spiritual realms.

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Oil and Acrylic

Born in New York and raised in Connecticut, I am the daughter of a jazz drummer and the granddaughter of a Radio City Music Hall conductor. As such, I was able to spend many inspiring hours behind the scenes of that amazing world. Art and music have always been at the forefront of my academic and creative endeavors.

My artistic style was, and is still inspired by great music and the Expressionists and Abstract artists of the 19th and 20th century’s.

In my work different “voicings" are used combined with vigorous brushwork creating. One of the contrasts of my work is this tension of texture and transparency. My work is emotionally driven and fluctuates between abstract expressionism to delicate impressionistic realism. I use color, exaggeration, distortion, and some primitivism and symbolism in my work. Most of my paintings have a combination of styles, best described as an improvisation, if you will.

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Pastel and Watercolor

The power of a mark — mark making — drawing...l believe an artist's most powerful tool. The expression of one's self— the ability to direct others. From the cave paintings to modern man, the importance of marks is under-recognized by many, but is a force in mankind.

I have found the soft pastel medium allows me to express my appreciation of the coastal area of Georgia. The landscape and wildlife have become favorite subjects and the love of the pastel medium helps me share my feelings.

I graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a BA and MA in painting and ceramics and am retired after 16 years of teaching.

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American born Venezuelan graphic designer, illustrator, visual artist and educator with more than 40 years of experience. Master of Art (MA) and Master in Fine Art (MFA) at the University of Iowa majored in Graphic Design and Drawing. Sixteen years as Professor at Savannah College of Art & Design (Georgia, USA), one of the most prestigious universities in the United States specialized on Art and Design.

Guest professor, lecturer and exhibitor in 18 countries, including China, Germany, France, England, South Africa, Czech Republic, Spain, Kuwait, Bahrain, and The USA.

Jorge Montero Artwork


Papier-mâché and Mixed Media

Angel was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. As a child, she was inspired by the many artistic talents in her family from her grandparents to her siblings. Angel moved with her family to Jersey City, New Jersey where she grew up and married. Shortly after, she moved to Tallahassee, Florida where she started working as an assistant preschool teacher at the Tallahassee Museum. Angel was given the keys to the art closet at the museum which held many art materials. She came up with all kinds of art lessons for the children. 

A few years passed, and she found herself in Fairhope, Alabama. She built her first studio and started experimenting with all types of different mediums. From oil painting to wood carving and now sculpting papier-mache, Angel has mastered several styles. A couple of years later, she moved to Savannah, Georgia where she has worked for 10 years to make a cohesive body of work. She has developed her own style of papier-mâché clay, which she is currently incorporating her mediums into.

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Watercolor and Collage

Tate Ellington is a local visual artist and mother of two that has grown up in the Savannah area. She uses her love of local attractions, faith, nature, family and friends as well as lots of color in watercolor paintings and collage work. Tate’s work has been featured in Good Housekeeping and Women’s Day magazine as well as associated with various nonprofits such as Habitat for Humanity & the Otis Redding Foundation. Prior to her art career, Tate worked in the Savannah school system as a special needs teacher.




My art is a reflection of my love of the Coastal Low country between Tybee Island, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina: the coast, or laid back way of life, our waters and marshes, our wildlife, and our people. My love of the people and watching these people has resulted in my latest endeavors, recording them as they go about their daily routines, some natural and some comedic (after all, don't we all have some comedy in us?). This, in haps of catching small glimpses of what makes our life on Tybee Island unique. I invite you to enjoy my art and our beautiful and unique but rapidly changing way of life.




Jan works in oil and acrylics, and pushes herself outside her comfort zone to see what she can create. Her work is a mixture of contemporary realism and impressionism. Her favorite subjects are landscapes, seascapes, birds and animals. She is known for realistic portrayals of water, glass, and sky. Her current pieces at CorkHouse were a culmination of recent work in oil focusing on the sky and/or water, and all the emotions that can be evoked with small variations of colors and brushstrokes.

Jan has sold her paintings online throughout the United States, at local shops and festivals, and has taken commission paintings when requested. A small collection of her work was recently sold for a movie set! She participates in fine art exhibitions and shows, and has shown in several local prestigious juried exhibitions. She attends workshops and classes as she can and currently resides with her husband in Buford, Georgia. Jan is a member of The Art Colony of Gainesville, GA, the Quinlan Visual Arts Center, the Georgia Art League, and the Hoschton Heritage Arts Council.

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Katy Lehman

Acrylic on Unstretched Canvas

An artist, yogi, and educator, Katy Lehman has found a way to intertwine all of her passions. Art = expression, Yoga = unity, Educating = observing, listening & inspiring. Life's never ending journey to find happiness has led her to these three paths that overlap + intersect constantly. Through yoga, she taps into the body's subtle creative energies where she finds inspiration for creation. Then yoga simply becomes an art form. While educating, she inspires others to move + create. Through art, she tells stories of love, movement & happiness.

Katy creates acrylic paintings on an array of different canvas types. Her paintings on un-stretched canvas can be framed, pinned, & nailed to the wall or even placed flat on a table or mantel due to their flexible canvas + rug-like quality. The vibrant colors, playful shapes & dreamy scenes on the natural + frayed canvas are captivating. Additionally, Katy is a silk screen printer. She prints her hand-drawn designs onto clothing, silk screen papers, and various other fabrics. Her paintings + prints reflect elements from nature, the delicate shapes + features of humans, yoga, and most importantly they evoke happiness.