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Todd Twilbeck is a wanderer, photographer, sketch artist, carver, leathersmith, and tinkerer, From the deep south, his influence originates in the surroundings and the culture that accompany the humidity. Fleeing Hurricane Katrina, he found home in the Ozarks where his artistic connection with the world around him continues to grow, as his journey continues. A simple man in a simple world, he sees and creates beauty from simple things. 

I am an “at chance photographer”. If I’m lucky, something shows itself to me, asking for its picture to be taken. I don’t use high end equipment, most of the time a mere cell phone camera, and with little editing knowledge or ability, I capture images in ways I think they want to be seen. Sometimes I don’t even aim the camera, I just place the lens in a place or a direction, press the button and let the results find a way to express themselves. There is a good chance that what you see in my photos is different from what I do.  That’s on purpose.

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The Church Burdir

Photograph, Framed
Iceland (2017)



Photograph, Framed
Iceland (2017)